P7 Enterprise and non-uniform day

Primary 7MN

Next Friday (26th May), P7 will be running their enterprise. This will be a non-uniform day for a cost of 50p. There will be various activities and stalls on offer. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect:

Fruity Tuties – We are Clara, Emily M, Indrani, Nikki and Sarah. We are going to sell rainbow fruit kebabs and we are pricing them for 30p. One sauce will be an extra 10p and two sauces will be an extra 15p. BUILD your own kebab for 50p. See you at our stall! 🙂

Nugget Ponies – We are going to be doing a crossbar challenge and a shinty challenge. Crossbar challenge will be 50p for 5 shots, 30p for 3 shots. Shinty challenge will be 3 shots for 50p. A prize for everyone that hits the crossbar or scores a goal. There will also be an overall winner for both…

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