Support your house

The house captains are running a motto competition to come up with the best motto for your house. Our school motto is ‘Dream-Believe-Achieve’, can you create a good motto for your house? Some examples include:


  • ‘Be the Best with Barnhill’
  • ‘Go all the way with Abartarff’


Make sure your motto is written clearly and you can even decorate it with your house colours J Your entries should be handed in to Primary 7 by Wednesday 28th September. Every person that enters will get 5 house points and the winner from each house will get 50 house points!!!


Also…we will be organising and running a ‘Wear Your House Colours Day’ on Friday 30th September. We want you to wear your house colour for 50p. There will be activities and games organised at lunchtime and you can win points for your house!  This is on the same day as the MacMillan Bake Sale so is sure to be an exciting day!



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